Self Titled 2010 EP

by Living Void

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Recorded @ 37' Studios by Eliot Bayless / Blender Method Productions

Living Void is:

Kyle - Throat
Buda - Bass/Throat
Kurt - Guitar
Animal Mike - Pounds the Skins


released August 17, 2010

All songs by Living Void
Session Guitar Performed by Eliot Bayless
Cover illustration by Mark Richards Illustration



all rights reserved


Living Void Boston, Massachusetts

Grindcore. Breathes and writhes in Boston, Massachusetts. Grinds it out on the Eastern Seaboard.

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Track Name: Caltrops Teeth
caltrops teeth
consume your own lineage
mechanical devouring processes
input feed control - intake of wire and parts
feast on the malfunctioning contraptions
chewing on the industry of war
machines taste of ambrosia
oil as blood
Track Name: Banish Agenda
blackened bleeding dimensions
diminished from coils of frailty and vacuums
we are reality unwoven
unbecoming and listening forever to the nulls
the world erodes into an open curse hibernation
rested upon eons of cold nothing slumber
announcing the coming of its new tyrant
his empire built from dust and particles
all hail the new king
rejoice in his malevolence
"all that is matter is hereby obsolete"
Track Name: Gradual Entozoa
the density of hollow bones
sinking polars crumbling like dust
growth extinction
i will take what's mine if it comes off of you
like a virus betraying its host
from carrion through false gravity
that dribbles out bloodsucking screeches
vulturous monolith
parasitic in structure
blight amalgamates with weakness
to simply devour what helplessly survives
from those that feed off the inanimate
Track Name: Effigy Pariah
failure of limbs
putridity bursting from immediate decay
son kills son
emblems clot stigma wounds once flourished
beg for bread with crumbs of lowest flesh
thorns that breed dead genesis
he who melts upon his cross
kept penance lifted alone on pedestals
his soulless doctrine that withers away
pried tombs apart for tarnished beliefs
disintegrate thy icons
faith through massacre
grace from misery
condemned for the higher purpose
carving the prayers onto their tongues
punctured slightly into greed
hark the coming of plagues ten
all lepers pool and ooze into one
on form as it is in spirit
exiled from the ghost itself letting bodies rattle
in the cage of brittle euphoria
Track Name: Dove Crusher
you are at your most beautiful
when you're underneath my sledge hammer
i love to watch your vitals puddle around
as i feast off the blood from your wounds
white mixed plasma
drenched in dead flight
crown from your cracked talons
scratching through your fattened belly
your eggs - your filth - your pitiful end
this is my new throne
your disease clustered nest
here i rest and rule
denouncing your remains
you'll recover soon in time
only to get destroyed again
you don't deserve a name
just an absolutely worthless specimen
Track Name: Cinder Hymnal
bodies stained red cloaked in sewage
dearest creator of the holy arson
from glory of tribute to the ultraviolet
lest the lights sunder seeking salvation
herald in the glowing embers
new days new blessed
water i touch turns into kerosene
corrosive and pure
minions to my torch
oaths that burn like rust
praiseth be to the bringer of flames
bathe within the pyre
"peons hear me
worship everything I've turned into ashes"